Welcome to the KSACORS Application!


The KSA-CORS (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Continuously Operating Reference Station) is a national network of continuously operating GNSS stations streaming GNSS data in real-time to General Authority for Survey and Geospatial

Information's (GEOSA) data center in Riyadh. The data center archives the data and provides "data correction" in real-time. The network is active and expanding with new stations constantly. All KSA-CORS network products and

services are in KSA-GRF17 reference frame.

KSA-CORS Network Services include:

  • Network Real-Time Kinematic (NRTK) Positioning
  • Single Station RTK Positioning
  • Differential GNSS Positioning
  • Online GNSS Post Processing
  • Sensor Map

KSA-CORS Network Products include:

  • GNSS Raw data Files
  • Virtual RINEX Files
  • CORS Site Logs

Download Resources for KSA-CORS Network:

Contact Us:

  • For Technical Support : ksa-cors@geosa.gov.sa
  • For Station Site log request : info@geosa.gov.sa
  • Call Center : 920000427 | Ext: 8009
  • Fax : 4647693