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Registration steps
  1. Download and fill the registration form.
    Please note that:
    • Only one account can be registrated per email. Any second registration using already existing email will be rejected. In case you need to register more accounts for your company, each form need to have separate, non-repeatable email.
    • For Username, kindly please provide short word, avoiding special characters (including space)
    • For Company/Organization name, kindly provide full name and its abbreviation in brackets, i.e. "General Commission for Survey (GCS)", short name will be used for login purposes, while full name will be used for official contact or documents.
      Finally, your login to the system will look like: GCS/username
    • Provision of phone number and email is mandatory.
  2. Please deliver registration form back to GCS through e-mail or direct submission at headquater.

Agreement Terms
  1. GCS reserves the right to change these terms sometimes, but not often, these terms will be applied to all persons or organizations that use KSACORS Real-Time services at any time.
  2. The Real-Time corrections received from KSACORS network is in the National Geodetic Reference Frame called KSA-GRF17 from the 1st of January 2019. All KSACORS users shall agree to the use of KSA-GRF17 by filling out this form and sending back to GCS through email
  3. This agreement is effective upon GCS receiving this form signed from the user.